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[News] MIUI User Count Exceeds 300 Million Globally!

2017-12-07 20:03:20
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Hello, Mi Fans!MIUI developed by Xiaomi Tech. is a stock and aftermarket firmware for smartphones and tablets based on an Android operating system. MIUI the very first product of Xiaomi is loved by more than 300 Million Users Globally. MIUI pronounced as 'Me You I' is catering a Healthy & Easy User Interface on the Android Platform. It is one of the top-ranked Custom ROMs loved by tech geeks all over the Globe.
On 10th May 2016 at Mi Max Launch our CEO Lei Jun revealed that there are more than 200 Million MIUI users Worldwide. MIUI was released on 16th August 2010 with its initial beta version 0.8.16. A special team of 100 Beta Testers was formed to try its very first version. These 100 Beta Testers are honored as "One Hundred Dream Sponsors" of MIUI.In the recent World Internet Conference in Wuzhen fresh statistics and figures were revealed by Lei Jun, this weekend.

At the moment, MIUI has over 300 Million active users Globally!

That is a wonderful accomplishment considering we're only a youthful organization contrasted with contenders.The Lightning Fast MIUI 9 released this year has taken up the new Android User Interface totally to a New Stage. It sustains its Slogan Lightning Fast by offering a great user experience in terms of smoothness, stability, better battery backup and always improving with the help of millions of Mi Fans. Xiaomi has a very loyal following as result of the customer feedback consistently driving the development of the company's products. Currently, the latest version is MIUI 9, as known as the ‘lightning fast’ system. Xiaomi is
always making improvements for MIUI, in order to better meet the demand of our users
and thrives to make unique experiences in areas of user stability, smoothness, battery
improvement, and so much more.
So, Mi Fans, you’re always welcome to check out our most recent MIUI updates right
here, including preview changelog and final changelog & download links every week!
Stay tuned!

Show your Affection towards MIUI,Let us know the MIUI version you started your journey with?
Or drop a comment to say 3 things you love MIUI the most?
Receive a SPECIAL “300M MIUI” MEDAL before December 12, 2017.


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2017-12-07 20:03:20
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Кролик профи

Flamixer | из Redmi Note 4


I live muiu coz its
1) fast
2)user friendly
3) simple
it was a short lived MIUI 5 with the RedMi 1S, which was updated to MIUI 6 shortly after i started using.

1.) Consistent development that keeps up with Android

2.) 2nd Space, so that GF1 and GF2 do not know about each other

3.) involvement community in beta testing new updates before pushing out to public.
In West Philadelphia, born and raised,
On the playground is where I spent most of my days.

Кролик профи

Thant Zin Aung | из Redmi Note 4


I am start with MIUI 8 china stable rom on my Redmi Note4,mtk.
Now, I am using MIUI 9, global beta Rom.
I do not remember the version with which it all began.. But I like MIUI very much :3
MIUI: very fast, energy efficient, has a good design :3
Congrats with 300kk
Started with MIUI 7 and jumped into MIUI 8 beta in one week.
Never regret.

I like variety amount of customization allowed on the main screen and easy to use.
But my favorite of course dual identity allowed for one device.

The sad part? Stuck at Android 6.01. I mean for my Redmi Note 3.  

Кролик мастер

Soibam Teinkoo Moirangcha | С мобильного телефона


I wasn't much aware of MIUI initially. If not mistaken, it was MIUI 7 in my Redmi Note 3.  It was a great experience from that moment and its custom UI is always great. And now with my Redmi note 4, its good to experience MIUI 8 and now finally MIUI 9... (1) Split screen is the greatest change i have liked.. (2) The direct reply from notification and (3) the animated icons are awesome.......... Waiting for more.. and Best wishes to MIUI n its team
So Awesome News Thanks For Sharing With Us
I like it because its fast, highly customizable, and there's always a quick response in terms of updates!!
Soibam Teinkoo Moirangcha replied at 2017-12-10 14:44:14
I wasn't much aware of MIUI initially. If not mistaken, it was MIUI 7 in my Redmi Note 3.  It was a  ...

Thanks for sharing your experience with us! :D
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