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[] [WIN MEDAL] #8YearsWithMiCommunity - We're giving you a golden Mi Bunny

2018-07-16 12:20:45
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Hi Mi Fans,

Mi Community is the home of Mi Fans, a place where we build unforgettable and even heartwarming memories. These could be from when you attended a meetup and had a great time or because you are part of a Mi Fan Club in which you’ve found friends or what about that comment in one of your first threads that encouraged you to keep on sharing the content you love to create?

The best things in life are the people you love, the places you’ve seen and the memories you have made along the way. That’s why today,  we want to ask you...What is your best memory with Mi Community?

Leave in the comments below your best memory with Mi Community and add a photo or video too that makes you remember it. For those who participate, will receive this special edition medal!

From today, July 16th until July 28th. You’ll receive the medal on July 31st.

We found a little Global Mi Community memory, right in our headquarters

What is your best memory with Mi Community?
Let’s share our special moments!
2018-07-16 12:20:45
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Can I hv one of the Golden Mi Bunny
i have just joined this year and my best memory is that my photo entry for the Red photography contest was chosen as the final four and i received a Mi Bunny as a consolation prize :)
I am a Mi Fan since 2014, and i active in miui forum. However, until recently i get to know mi community when i joined the Mi Explorer Quiz. I am great to be part of this Mi Family. I love to share my experience with those Mi Fan outside china. Thanks Mi Community for providing a platform for Mi Fans like us to share with each other. I strongly believe that XiaoMi is a great company and looking forward to get more Xiaomi Products in my homeland..
power bro. u can open Xiaomi shop oredi .
I am a part of mi community since last 1.5 years I experienced mi community very nice. I learn a lot of latest technology from mi community

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jaaalijaaa Ответить |


Ярослав Кудашкин replied at 2018-07-17 15:48:37
I am a part of mi community since last 1.5 years I experienced mi community very nice. I learn a lot ...

Thanks for sharing!

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mi3jason | из Mi Note 2


Golden bunny. been with Mi from 2014..

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Doellah3 | из Redmi 4X


i've got so many experience with Mi Community...keep Rockin'.... :)
Mi Community is the house of fans I bought Redmi 4 Pro myself and my wife 2017-07-07, which was the best at that moment for me...I love it, I love being part of Mi fans..now I bought Mi Band 2 and my mom is Redmi 4A we are very happy with the quality of the products I tested and also my community has a lot to learn.Exchange of information and experience.
My Best Memory is when i bought Mi A1 , and was joy from the bottom of my heart , then i saw an amazing platform The MI Community , i found out , mi fans are here to help me , that's my best memory
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